Inconel 825, Nickel 825 Sheet 825 Plate 825 Pipe 825 Tube 825 Tubing 825 Rod 825 Bar ASTM-B-163 ASTM-B-423 Nickel Sheet Alloys 200, 400, 600, 601, 617, 625, 718, 750, 800, 825, C276

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* Inconel/Incoloy and Monel are Registered Trademarks of Special Metals Corporation and its subsidiaries.


Inconel 825 has good corrosion resistance to sulfuric and phosphoric acids and seawater. It is similar to A800 but has improved resistance to aqueous corrosion. It also has good resistance in neutral chloride media, stress-corrosion cracking and satisfactory resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion. Used in temperatures up to 1020 Degrees F. Applications are phosphoric acid evaporators, pickling equipment, chemical process equipment, propeller shafts, oil and gas well piping and nuclear fuel element dissolvers.


Inconel 825, Incoloy 825 Tubing

Inconel 825, Incoloy 825: ASTM-B-163, ASTM-B-423, ASTM-B-829, ASTM-B-705, ASTM-B-775, ASTM-B-704, ASTM-B-751, DIN 17751, ISO 6207

Stock Size: OD 1/16"~3", Wall: 0.010"~0.250", Length: 17'/24' FT R/L

3/8" OD X 0.049" Wall x 20 FT Seamless Tubing ASTM-B-423

Other sizes are available on request.




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